What I Learned About My Health by Doing One of Those “Gut Tests”

When I was way younger, I hated taking a dump. I hated it so much that I would average one bowel movement per week. Frankly, I’m not sure if I would poop once a week because I hated to or because poor nutrition and lack of exercise lead to a lack of bowel movements. The rest of the time, I would hold it all in. When I finally did use the restroom, I would have some severe constipation where I

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A Simple Framework for Understanding What Does and Does Not Matter in Life if Your Goal is Freedom & Fulfillment

One of the things I think about constantly is what is and what is not a good use of my time. What skills are worth getting outstanding at and what skills are likely to become worthless? What additional skills would allow me to create more value in the world (and hence more fulfillment, happiness, and wealth) and what additional skills are likely to become commoditized? What activities or events outside of work are a waste of time and what activities

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Insights I’ve Gained After 3 Years of Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Under a Living Legend

What in the world made a nerd like me even think or consider doing something as intense and difficult as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? I was never really into sports, I don’t care about watching basketball games on TV, and I once fell asleep while watching the Superbowl at my cousin’s Superbowl party. But around the age of 25, I felt curious and I couldn’t really explain why. In fact, I’m curious about a lot of different things, but I’ll save

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